After his run as a Marketing Coordinator for A# Alphanumeric, Mike Alzona founded Irons Brand out of the Mathlab / Cleanercorp camp in 2001 with sister brands Fiberops and Understudies. Irons Brand was born from the love of Southern California subculture influences in skateboarding, surfing, cars, hip hop, punk rock, and tattoos. Irons Brand is most notably responsible for their non-apologetic graphics of guns and girls prints in streetwear. The designs are apparent in the collaboration works with industry heavyweights such as in4mation, Crooks & Castles, Fiberops, 8Five2, 02 Motorworks, Methamphibian and The Hundreds at its early stage of brand history. At the time Irons was distributed exclusively in Japan then finally launched in the states in 2003 at select retailers such as in4mation, SLB, True, Reed Space and Commissary. Admittedly a “mirage brand” due to it’s on and off releases throughout the years, IB was never the one to follow season drops.

Training under a master tailor for the last six years and as the head Bespoke Advisor at Wingtip, Mike Irons has been the go-to guy for custom tailored made to measure clothing in the bay area.

Mike has since opened an atelier that specializes in Luxury Made to Measure Clothing. He can be seen privately by appointment at the 210 Post Street showroom in the historic Shreve Building in the heart of San Francisco’s Union Square shopping district. He introduces Japanese and English sartorial influence combined with soft Neapolitan tailoring and construction to the city.

Alongside with the custom clothing offers, Situation Control has carried over Irons Brand style principle into the collection of t-shirts, caps and woven shirts to complete the kit.